The world’s leading source of cleantech news and analysis, CleanTechnica, launched a “Cleantech Revolution Tour” conference series in 2016 in Berlin, Germany. That was quickly followed by conferences in Leipzig, Germany, and Wrocław, Poland.

In the coming year, the Cleantech Revolution Tour conference series will return to Berlin and Wrocław in a joint conference that lives up to the “tour” part of the conference series name. Transport will be available between Berlin and Wrocław via a Tesla shuttle — more news on that is coming soon.

A similar dual-city conference will take place a few months later in Warsaw and Łódź, followed a few months later by a conference in Kiev, Ukraine.

In early 2018, the Cleantech Revolution Tour will open the curtains on its third dual-city conference, this one in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Budapest, Hungary.

The coming year’s conference series is being sponsored by CleanTechnica, Voltia, GreenWay, ELMO CarSharing, TShuttle, and GridHub.