June 28
1Coffee & HelloBenni Schulz 9:30Ahoy Berlin
2Communication is Key to RevolutionZach Shahan 10:00Ahoy Berlin
3Robotaxis +/- Carsharing +/- Business As UsualJacek Fior 10:10Ahoy Berlin
4Residual Value & The Future of AutomakersRoger Atkins 10:20Ahoy Berlin
5EasyCharge.me — Charging Made … EasyArtur Sychov 10:30Ahoy Berlin
6Panel & Audience Discussion: Future of mobility — what consumers will expect and demandNazar Shymone-Davyda , Daniel Priem , Roger Atkins , Jacek Fior 10:45Ahoy Berlin
7Stimulating EV Awareness, Experience, & AdoptionAfeez Alade-Kolawole 11:00Ahoy Berlin
8Converting Paris Gare de l'Est from a Train Station to a New Mobility HubRoss Douglas 11:15Ahoy Berlin
9The Hot Dutch Market — Good & Bad EV PoliciesKoen Schroder 11:30Ahoy Berlin
10Panel & Audience Discussion: How cities can facilitate EV growth — policy perspectiveKoen Schroder , Ross Douglas , Roger Atkins , Peter Badik 11:45Ahoy Berlin
11LunchZach Shahan 12:15Ahoy Berlin
12A Mass-Market EV Charging SolutionNazar Shymone-Davyda 13:00Ahoy Berlin
13What’s the EV Charging Mix in 2025?Peter Badik 13:10Ahoy Berlin
14Confluence of Energy and MobilityJavier Julve 13:20Ahoy Berlin
15Panel & Audience Discussion: "Promises, Challenges, & Unique Features of Growing a Cleantech Startup"Artur Sychov , Daniel Priem , Jakub Stęchły , Tomek Gać 13:30Ahoy Berlin
16Which Automakers are Really Leading in EVs?Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 14:00Ahoy Berlin
17Coffee & Special Activity (secret)Jacek Fior 14:10Ahoy Berlin
18EV Sales Today & in 2025Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 14:40Ahoy Berlin
19Panel & Audience Discussion: EV Sales Today & in 2025Javier Julve , Afeez Alade-Kolawole , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle , Zach Shahan 14:50Ahoy Berlin
20Global Energy Solutions to Reach 100% RenewablesHans-Josef Fell 15:30Ahoy Berlin
21Panel & Audience Discussion: 2025–2035 energy markets & energy mixAla Kazlova , Hans-Josef Fell , Elizabeth Ferguson , Tobias Engelmeier 16:00Ahoy Berlin
22CoffeeZach Shahan 16:30Ahoy Berlin
23Solarizing without a Roof/Rooftop Solar PanelsJakub Stęchły 16:40Ahoy Berlin
24Design-Centred Approach to Renewable Energy SolutionsAla Kazlova 16:50Ahoy Berlin
25Getting Cities Moving Using ADASE — Active Mobility, Data Analytics, & Autonomous Shared Electric VehiclesRoss Douglas 17:00Ahoy Berlin
2610 Levers Cities Can Pull to Accelerate (not Block) EV AdoptionWitold Chmarzyński 17:15Ahoy Berlin
27Carbon-Neutral Courier Services (CO2URIER) — CO2 Offsetting for Every Costumer (& Driving from Poland to Wales in a Nissan LEAFTomek Gać 17:30Ahoy Berlin
28How Does “Today” Turn into “Tomorrow”?Jacek Fior , Zach Shahan 17:40Ahoy Berlin
29Tesla ShuttlesZach Shahan 18:00Tesla Shuttles
June 28
1Sightseeing & Electric ShuttlesBenni Schulz , Tomek Gać , Jacek Fior , Zach Shahan All DayTShuttle
June 29
1Coffee & HelloJacek Fior 9:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
2When the Future AttacksZach Shahan 9:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
3EV Revolution is Coming to Poland Too — Don’t Be So PessimisticJacek Fior 9:40Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
4Is Solar Shining in Poland Yet?Piotr Pająk 9:50Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
5Challenges of Energy RevolutionMarcin Popkiewicz 10:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
6Panel & Audience Discussion: Cleantech Revolution in Poland? Winners & Losers? Really? Solar PV, EV, & energy storage progress, roadblocks, & potential in PolandPiotr Pająk , Marcin Popkiewicz , Jakub Stęchły , Jacek Fior 10:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
7CoffeeJacek Fior 11:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
8EU Policies for EVs: Electromobility Policy Recommendations in the Context of the Clean Energy PackageRoman Targosz 11:15Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
9EV Sales Today & in 2025Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 11:25Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
10Panel & Audience Discussion: EV Sales Today & in 2025Jakub Stęchły , Peter Badik , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 11:40Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
11LunchZach Shahan 12:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
12Changing Mobility in Cities — Modes As Well as EV vs ICETomek Gać 13:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
13EV Charging Solutions that WorkPeter Badik 13:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
14How EV Manufacturers are Adapting to the Shifting MarketJose Pontes , Viktor Irle 13:20Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
15Panel & Audience Discussion: How EV Manufacturers are Adapting to the Shifting MarketPeter Badik , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle , Zach Shahan 13:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
16Coffee & Special Activity (secret)Jacek Fior 14:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
17Workshop: Investing in the FutureBenni Schulz 14:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
18Carsharing & Ridesharing Hype vs RealityJacek Fior 15:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
19Working with Smart CitizensDariusz Szwed 15:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
20The Centre of Energy TechnologiesPiotr Mikos 15:20Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
21Panel & Audience Discussion: What can Polish cities do to advance cleantech and green life?Roman Targosz , Witold Chmarzyński , Jacek Fior 15:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
22CoffeeZach Shahan 16:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
23Legal Progress & Hurdles In E-Mobility in PolandWitold Chmarzyński 16:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
24Renting & Sharing EVsKrzysztof Gawałek 16:20Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
25Workshop: How To Handle Trolls — Your Cleantech Communication Handbook: 10 Cleantech Messages to Hammer Home, & HowJacek Fior , Zach Shahan 16:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum