June 28
1Coffee & HelloBenni Schulz 9:30Ahoy Berlin
2Communication is Key to RevolutionZach Shahan 10:00Ahoy Berlin
3Robotaxis +/- Carsharing +/- Business As UsualJacek Fior 10:10Ahoy Berlin
4Residual Value & The Future of AutomakersRoger Atkins 10:20Ahoy Berlin
5EasyCharge.me — Charging Made … EasyArtur Sychov 10:30Ahoy Berlin
6Panel & Audience Discussion: Future of mobility — what consumers will expect and demandNazar Shymone-Davyda , Daniel Priem , Roger Atkins , Jacek Fior 10:45Ahoy Berlin
7Stimulating EV Awareness, Experience, & AdoptionAfeez Alade-Kolawole 11:00Ahoy Berlin
8Converting Paris Gare de l'Est from a Train Station to a New Mobility HubRoss Douglas 11:15Ahoy Berlin
9The Hot Dutch Market — Good & Bad EV PoliciesKoen Schroder 11:30Ahoy Berlin
10Panel & Audience Discussion: How cities can facilitate EV growth — policy perspectiveKoen Schroder , Ross Douglas , Roger Atkins , Peter Badik 11:45Ahoy Berlin
11LunchZach Shahan 12:15Ahoy Berlin
12A Mass-Market EV Charging SolutionNazar Shymone-Davyda 13:00Ahoy Berlin
13What’s the EV Charging Mix in 2025?Peter Badik 13:10Ahoy Berlin
14Confluence of Energy and MobilityJavier Julve 13:20Ahoy Berlin
15Panel & Audience Discussion: "Promises, Challenges, & Unique Features of Growing a Cleantech Startup"Artur Sychov , Daniel Priem , Jakub Stęchły , Tomek Gać 13:30Ahoy Berlin
16Which Automakers are Really Leading in EVs?Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 14:00Ahoy Berlin
17Coffee & Special Activity (secret)Jacek Fior 14:10Ahoy Berlin
18EV Sales Today & in 2025Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 14:40Ahoy Berlin
19Panel & Audience Discussion: EV Sales Today & in 2025Javier Julve , Afeez Alade-Kolawole , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle , Zach Shahan 14:50Ahoy Berlin
20Global Energy Solutions to Reach 100% RenewablesHans-Josef Fell 15:30Ahoy Berlin
21Panel & Audience Discussion: 2025–2035 energy markets & energy mixAla Kazlova , Hans-Josef Fell , Elizabeth Ferguson , Tobias Engelmeier 16:00Ahoy Berlin
22CoffeeZach Shahan 16:30Ahoy Berlin
23Solarizing without a Roof/Rooftop Solar PanelsJakub Stęchły 16:40Ahoy Berlin
24Design-Centred Approach to Renewable Energy SolutionsAla Kazlova 16:50Ahoy Berlin
25Getting Cities Moving Using ADASE — Active Mobility, Data Analytics, & Autonomous Shared Electric VehiclesRoss Douglas 17:00Ahoy Berlin
2610 Levers Cities Can Pull to Accelerate (not Block) EV AdoptionWitold Chmarzyński 17:15Ahoy Berlin
27Carbon-Neutral Courier Services (CO2URIER) — CO2 Offsetting for Every Costumer (& Driving from Poland to Wales in a Nissan LEAFTomek Gać 17:30Ahoy Berlin
28How Does “Today” Turn into “Tomorrow”?Jacek Fior , Zach Shahan 17:40Ahoy Berlin
29Tesla ShuttlesZach Shahan 18:00Tesla Shuttles
June 28
1Sightseeing & Electric ShuttlesBenni Schulz , Tomek Gać , Jacek Fior , Zach Shahan All DayTShuttle
June 29
1Coffee & HelloJacek Fior 9:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
2When the Future AttacksZach Shahan 9:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
3EV Revolution is Coming to Poland Too — Don’t Be So PessimisticJacek Fior 9:40Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
4Is Solar Shining in Poland Yet?Piotr Pająk 9:50Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
5Challenges of Energy RevolutionMarcin Popkiewicz 10:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
6Panel & Audience Discussion: Cleantech Revolution in Poland? Winners & Losers? Really? Solar PV, EV, & energy storage progress, roadblocks, & potential in PolandPiotr Pająk , Marcin Popkiewicz , Jakub Stęchły , Jacek Fior 10:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
7CoffeeJacek Fior 11:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
8EU Policies for EVs: Electromobility Policy Recommendations in the Context of the Clean Energy PackageRoman Targosz 11:15Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
9EV Sales Today & in 2025Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 11:25Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
10Panel & Audience Discussion: EV Sales Today & in 2025Jakub Stęchły , Peter Badik , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 11:40Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
11LunchZach Shahan 12:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
12Changing Mobility in Cities — Modes As Well as EV vs ICETomek Gać 13:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
13EV Charging Solutions that WorkPeter Badik 13:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
14How EV Manufacturers are Adapting to the Shifting MarketJose Pontes , Viktor Irle 13:20Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
15Panel & Audience Discussion: How EV Manufacturers are Adapting to the Shifting MarketPeter Badik , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle , Zach Shahan 13:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
16Coffee & Special Activity (secret)Jacek Fior 14:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
17Workshop: Investing in the FutureBenni Schulz 14:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
18Carsharing & Ridesharing Hype vs RealityJacek Fior 15:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
19Working with Smart CitizensDariusz Szwed 15:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
20The Centre of Energy TechnologiesPiotr Mikos 15:20Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
21Panel & Audience Discussion: What can Polish cities do to advance cleantech and green life?Roman Targosz , Witold Chmarzyński , Jacek Fior 15:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
22CoffeeZach Shahan 16:00Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
23Legal Progress & Hurdles In E-Mobility in PolandWitold Chmarzyński 16:10Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
24Renting & Sharing EVsKrzysztof Gawałek 16:20Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
25Workshop: How To Handle Trolls — Your Cleantech Communication Handbook: 10 Cleantech Messages to Hammer Home, & HowJacek Fior , Zach Shahan 16:30Hotel Mercure Wroclaw Centrum
November 8
1Coffee & Hello
2Leading the Revolution
3Sustainable Business Models for Charging Infrastructure Deployment
4EV Charging Changes in Coming Decade
5How to Grow a Charging Network in CEE — Real-Life Experience with Charging Network Development
7Regulatory Bottleneck for Charging Network Development — Panel Discussion
9How to Finance Charging Network Ahead of Full EV Arrival —Panel Discussion
10Current Status of EV Charging Infrastructure in CEE
11Prediction of EV Infrastructure Development in CEE
12AC Charging Today & Tomorrow
13City Leadership Examples
14Startup Pitches
15Cleantech Communication & Marketing
November 9
1Sightseeing & Electric ShuttlesBenni Schulz , Tomek Gać , Jacek Fior , Zach Shahan All Day
November 10
1Coffee & Hello
2EV Charging History
4Future of Vehicle Ownership & Use — Panel Discussion
6EV Fleets & Charging
7Electric Carsharing & Charging
9EV as a New Power of Life for Disabled Persons
10Interoperability in CEE
11Prospect of Ultrafast Charging
12Inductive Charging
13EU What Are the Plans for Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Financing?
14Startup Pitches