June 27
1Coffee & HelloBenni Schulz 9:00
2Leading the RevolutionZach Shahan 9:30
3EV Sales Deep DiveJose Pontes 10:00
4Current & Coming EV ModelsViktor Irle 10:30
6Future of the Car Industry — Panel DiscussionRoger Atkins , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle , Roland Irle , Zach Shahan 10:45
7City Leadership StudiesZach Shahan 11:30
9Cleantech Communication & MarketingZach Shahan 13:00
10Electric CarsharingTomek Gać 13:20
11Electric BusesJose Pontes 13:40
12EV Fast Charging Today & "Tomorrow"Peter Badik 14:00
14Future of the City — Panel DiscussionPeter Badik , Benni Schulz , Tomek Gać , Jacek Fior 14:35
15EV as a New Power of Life for Disabled PersonsHanna Yanchuk 15:20
16Electric Delivery & Shipping VehiclesPeter Badik 15:40
17Legal Progress & Hurdles In E-Mobility in PolandWitold Chmarzyński 16:00
18Cleantech Business WorkshopBenni Schulz 16:20
19Closing RemarksZach Shahan 17:00
June 28
1Sightseeing & Electric ShuttlesBenni Schulz , Tomek Gać , Jacek Fior , Zach Shahan All DayTShuttle
June 29
1Coffee & HelloZach Shahan 9:00
2Autonomous VehiclesJacek Fior 9:30
3Electric Bikes & ScootersBenni Schulz 10:00
4Electric BusesJose Pontes 10:20
6Future of the Home — Panel DiscussionBenni Schulz , Tomek Gać , Jacek Fior , Viktor Irle 11:00
7Greener Building CodesTomek Gać 11:30
8The Rise of SolarTobias Engelmeier 11:50
10EV Group Buys & Used EVsJose Pontes 13:20
11Future of Non-EV Depreciation — Panel DiscussionPeter Badik , Tomek Gać , Jose Pontes , Viktor Irle 13:40
12EV Fleet ManagementTomek Gać 14:10
13Legal Frames of Carsharing BusinessWitold Chmarzyński 14:30
15Startup PitchesBenni Schulz 15:15
16Closing HighlightsJacek Fior 16:00
November 8
1Coffee & Hello
2Leading the Revolution
3Sustainable Business Models for Charging Infrastructure Deployment
4EV Charging Changes in Coming Decade
5How to Grow a Charging Network in CEE — Real-Life Experience with Charging Network Development
7Regulatory Bottleneck for Charging Network Development — Panel Discussion
9How to Finance Charging Network Ahead of Full EV Arrival —Panel Discussion
10Current Status of EV Charging Infrastructure in CEE
11Prediction of EV Infrastructure Development in CEE
12AC Charging Today & Tomorrow
13City Leadership Examples
14Startup Pitches
15Cleantech Communication & Marketing
November 9
1Sightseeing & Electric ShuttlesBenni Schulz , Tomek Gać , Jacek Fior , Zach Shahan All Day
November 10
1Coffee & Hello
2EV Charging History
4Future of Vehicle Ownership & Use — Panel Discussion
6EV Fleets & Charging
7Electric Carsharing & Charging
9EV as a New Power of Life for Disabled Persons
10Interoperability in CEE
11Prospect of Ultrafast Charging
12Inductive Charging
13EU What Are the Plans for Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Financing?
14Startup Pitches